Local Walks Spring Update


Local Walks - Spring 2020 Update

If you were thinking of enjoying the Spring sunshine with a walk this week do make sure you have waterproof footwear.

Both the MRTC sponsored walks in our area are walkable but parts are extremely wet and some detours may be necessary.

Walkers on “The Rasen Round” will be met by a very large pool of water on entry to Willingham Woods.
This can be by-passed by heading up on a footpath to the left which takes you up Hamilton Hill.
This path is walkable with care as several windblown trees need to be negotiated.
The same is true further down the footpath where weeks of heavy rain and strong winds have brought trees down.

On the return leg of “The Rasen Round” as walkers approach Nova Scotia Bridge on the lane from Woodlands Caravan Park,
they will turn left to follow the path which leads to the railway crossing. Parts of this are still waterlogged where ditches have overflowed.
You will get your feet wet unless you are in wellies or have found sufficient brushwood to make a walkway.

In Willingham Woods itself most paths are walkable and all forestry roads are now clear.
The exception is the minor path which leads to the left from the bollards at the start of the Red Route from the picnic area.
This path is extremely wet after 300m and thereafter blocked by fallen trees.